Financial Love letters from Allawee

Card payments

Why Your PIN Is Important for Transactions and How to Safeguard It

Everyday, millions of people in Nigeria and all around the world carry out transactions using their credit/debit card or a mobile money app. To carry out transactions online or with their cards...


Adopting Card Management APIs to Regulatory Compliance and Multi-Channel Activation

In an era where concerns about data leaks prevail, authenticating a consumer's identity becomes paramount. By the end of this article, you will understand how card APIs have evolved to meet regulatory requirements and compliance standards...

Card payments

How card payments work in Nigeria

You have probably used a card to pay for an item at a store or restaurant, but do you know how they work? In this article, you will learn why card payments have increasingly become part of the Nigerian economy as a form of payment and how they work...

Card payments

Why do card payments fail in Nigeria?

Card payments have increasingly become a popular form of payments in Nigeria. However, it still faces some challenges related to adoption(according to Statista credit card adoption is still low) and card payment failure. You probably know how it feels...

Case study

8 Benefits of Custom Branded Cards for Fintechs in Nigeria

The card payment industry is growing astronomically, fueled by the shift to online and mobile payments. For many B2C fintechs offering payment solutions —the adoption of custom-branded cards represents an invaluable strategy. In this article, we will highlight the...

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Debit cards are issued by Providus Bank PLC pursuant to license from Verve & Mastercard International.
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